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Galaxy Bearing was founded in 1981 and has been in continuous operation ever since.
Yes. All Galaxy Bearing self-lubricating bushings are compatible with many hydraulic fluids and oils including MIL-A-8243, MIL-H-5606, MIL-H-83282, MIL-L-7808, Skydrol 500B, and TT-S-735 type VII. Contact Galaxy Bearing for additional information on compatibility.
The Galaxyon Teflon-based liner in our bushings is highly wear-resistant, operating at dynamic loads up to 33,000 psi and in temperatures ranging from -65 to +325 degrees Fahrenheit with no change in the properties of the liner.
Yes. All Galaxy Bearing bushings are fully qualified to AS81934 by the United States Government. Our bushings approved for self-lubricating watertight door bushing kits and watertight/airtight door hinge bushings.
Galaxy Bearing is located in Santa Clarita, California, approximately thirty miles north of downtown Los Angeles. You can visit the Contact Us page for a detailed map of our location.
Yes. Galaxy Bearing maintains full-service precision machining facilities and produces a large variety of parts in a wide range of materials.
Yes. Galaxy Bearing maintains a comprehensive quality assurance manual, available to qualified personnel upon request. Please visit our Home where you can view our current Certificates of Compliance.
Yes. Galaxy Bearing is able to receive and process CAD/CAM files in most standard formats. You can send your files to Galaxy Bearing using our website, just click on Login to your account and Submit A Drawing.
Yes. Galaxy Bearing guarantees that each product we ship will be in strict compliance with the drawing and contract requirements.
Galaxy Bearing has achieved a standard delivery of three weeks for stainless steel, six weeks for aluminum bushings, and our customers often receive their shipments within one week.
Go to Product Order Inquiry Page. You may attach Drawings for additional attachments to the request. The allowed types of attachments are images, PDF or Zip Files. The site will not accept Word or Excel documents due to malware concerns. You can place the Word or Excel documents in a Zip file or convert them to PDF. A copy of your submitted request will be sent to your registered E-Mail address.

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