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Galaxy Bearing Is Honored for Excellence

The United States Department of Defense has recognized Galaxy’s commitment to overall excellence with a Gold Medal for Best Value among all self-lubricating bearings suppliers.

This prestigious award is just the latest from the U.S. Defense Supply Center, Richmond, and the Defense Industrial Supply Center, Philadelphia, “for outstanding achievements in promoting partnership and innovation, increased efficiency, and ultimately saving tax dollars.” As a minority and disadvantaged business, Galaxy Bearing Company is proud to be recognized for our top-quality products and superior customer service as we strive for even higher levels of excellence.

Galaxy Bearing Company Registered to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D

We take great pleasure to announce that on December 17, 2017 our quality system has been registered to AS9100D and ISO9001-2015 Standards.

Registered to ISO 9001: 2015 and AS9100D Standards.

Best Value Gold Medalist Award

DSC Richmond – June 2002

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Self-Lubricating Bushings

Galaxy Bearing Company is a premier supplier of self-lubricating bushings qualified to AS81934. Our bushings are approved for self-lubricating watertight door bushing kits and watertight/airtight door hinge applications. The Galaxyon Teflon-based liner in our bushings is highly wear-resistant, operating at dynamic loads up to 33,000 psi and in temperatures ranging from -65 to +325 degrees Fahrenheit with no change in the properties of the liner. Our precision-quality bushings are compatible with a wide range of anti-icing fluids, hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils. Galaxy offers a standard lead-time of three weeks for all stainless steel, and six weeks for aluminum bushings, although our customers often receive shipments within one week after placing an order. Our low overhead means competitive pricing for top-quality self-lubricating bushings from Galaxy Bearing Company. Let us quote on your next requirement.

Aerospace Manufacturing at Galaxy

At Galaxy Bearing Company you will find a state-of-the-art CNC manufacturing facility ready to produce quality aerospace components to your drawings and specifications. We have CNC milling capacities up to 20” x 40” and turning capacities to 18” in diameter, and our punch presses range from 1 to 70 tons with automatic feeders and cradles. Galaxy management, with over forty years of hands-on manufacturing experience, guides our highly trained and dedicated team of craftsmen. Our manufacturing expertise is complimented by our top-notch quality system with a full-time quality assurance manager, to assure on-time delivery and 100% compliance with all of your requirements. Let us show you a whole new level of quality and customer service in precision machining. Put the Galaxy manufacturing team to work for you.

M81934 Bushings In Stock

While many self-lubricating bushing manufacturers are quoting lead times of thirty-two weeks or more, Galaxy Bearing Company has achieved a standard delivery of three weeks for stainless steel, six weeks for aluminum bushings, and our customers often receive their shipments within one week. This is among the best service in the business; but we did not stop there. Galaxy has recently implemented an initiative to maintain an in-house stock of every M81934 bushing configuration available for immediate delivery to our customers. When completed, our customers will have instant access to self-lubricating bushings available for next-day shipment anywhere in the world – with the same cost-effective pricing as our normal deliveries. This level of customer service is evident in everything we do at Galaxy Bearing Company. Let us perform for you.

Cleaner Parts Mean Better Bushings

Galaxy Bearing Company has recently invested in a new, state-of-the-art ultrasonic cleaning system for use in our assembly process. During our liner bonding process, each component must be completely clean and free of foreign particulate matter in order to insure a consistent, high-reliability bond. Our modern in-house ultrasonic cleaning process removes contaminants down to the sub-micron level, allowing Galaxy to control and maintain the high quality and integrity of our products. Continuous investment in advanced equipment is part of our overall commitment to quality at Galaxy – and our promise to you to remain at the cutting-edge of self-lubricating bushing technology.


Galaxy…has been extremely responsive to requests for quotations and telephone inquiries. Their dedication to examining procurement item descriptions and technical data, picking up discrepancies during the development of the kitting initiative, and making excellent technical recommendations to improve the package, helped tremendously in meeting customer needs. They also exhibited a commitment to provide quality products to DISC in a timely manner.

Defense Industrial Supply Center

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